Introduction: KnexChicken's Walther PPK Instructions

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99% of the credit goes to TheK'nexChicken and 1% goes to me.

Step 1: Pro's and Con's


good range about 20-30 feet
iron sights
looks cool
pin doesn't come out when pulled too far
built TheKnexChicken style
holds nine rounds can hold ten if you already have a bullet in loaded

jams occasionally and is hard to fix
uncomfortable handle (in my opinion)
hard to reach the trigger
and I think that's it.


Step 2: The Parts and the Body Assembly

pic 1:build these

pic 2:build these too

Step 3: The Handle

Step 4: The Outer Shell

Step 5: The Pin and How to Load

well that's it if you have any questions just pm me or use the comment section below. And Remember, Rate, Comment, And sBUBscribe. this is protect the alpha wolf signing out.