Introduction: Knex_Gun_Builder's Knex Crossbow History (in Order)

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Hi! this is KGB showing you the crossbows I made!

desktop ballista, my first crossbow ever, it was small, couldn't take a whole lot of rubberbands, misfired alot, and wasn't very powerful, but it pioneered the barrel concept later used in the p.k.cb series. 
v1: this was a new design, it fired very well but it had one problem, it couldn't use two strings of rubber bands without splitting(update) I tried after rebuilding it to use a 32 string instead of a 64, thus eliminating tape, and after that I figured out a grey connector attached to a green rod, attached to the middle slot of a red connector shot further, 150 feet actually(measured with a laser range finder) .
v2: it was an odd design. It had bigger wheels, it was taller ,it had a bigger bow ,it had new ammo and was 10 times stronger then the v1 but it didn't shoot very far, and misfired ALOT.
v3: I finally decided to get smaller, this new design can hold more rubberbands then the v1 and still shoots pretty far, it also is powerful.
v4 It is still in the works, but well on its way. It's slightly larger than IAC's v1 heavy cannon, and is a superior design, similar to wicky's decimator, only it shoots ammo about the size of IAC's v1 cannon. Now all I need is a name for the V4... anyone?