Introduction: Knex Auto-Clicker

About: K'nex is my thing!
This is a simple little device I came up with that clicks a mouse. Then, it clicks it again. And again, and again, and again, until you unplug it or your house blows up.

I made this for my friend so he could use it for runescape. I checked in and he had a inventory full of stuff, including a rune axe (my friend says thats good!).

Just so you know, I made a base that cradles a wireless mouse as well as a wired mouse. If you have a wireless mouse, skip steps 7+8, and if you have a mouse with a wire, skip steps 5+6.

Credit to Sypran for the original idea.


Step 1: Parts List

This is the list where I will list the parts in a parts list, hence the name, parts list.

Add the parts from the frame to the base of your choice. Not both, just the one you want.

Green - 9
White - 16
Blue - 20
Yellow - 9
Red- 1

Dark Grey - 1
Light Grey - 2
Red - 1
Yellow - 4
White - 4
Purple - 20
Blue - 2

Grey motor (Photo) and its wormy gear
4 Tan clips
8 silver spacers
6 blue spacers

Blue - 8
Dark Grey - 2
Red - 4
White - 2
Purple - 8
1 silver spacer
1 blue spacer
3 tan clips

Red - 4
White - 2
Purple - 6
Blue - 2
Green - 6
White - 1
Blue - 8
Yellow - 1
2 Y connectors
4 Blue spacers

Got those? Get building!

Step 2: Middle Frame

This is the bulk of the machine. Easy building.

1: Make this
2: And build this
3: Put the two together to get this weak mess
4: Make this
5: And put it together.

Press onward!

Step 3: Axle Assembley

Yeah. What the title said.

1: Make this bit
2: Another view from the side
3: Make this
4,5 and 6; This axle part. Should be easy to make
7: Put the part with the hinge onto the thing you just made
8: Put the bit you made first on the end like so
9: Put it onto the frame like so. Read the notes.

Step 4: Motor and Such

This is the step for the motor and a bit of other random stuff.

1: Get your motor and put two blue rods through it
2: Put it on your frame like so
3: Make this panelish thing
4: Put it on the frame to top off the top.
5: A picture of the inside
6: Make this part
7: And insert it


Step 5: Wireless Base

I will repeat: Skip step 5+6 if you have a wired mouse. This is just for wireless mouses.

Thank you. Now get on with it!

1: Make
2: Build the corner
3: Make this little part
4: Put the corner piece and the one you made first together
5: And put it on the other bit.
6: Get a blue rod. The elastic on the end is optional, but recommended.

Step 6: Wireless Base Assembley

1:Just pop it on the bottom of the frame. Easy.
2:The grey connector goes through ye olde bleu rod.
3: Put the blue rod through the white and attach to the hinge

Whoop whoop, you're done!

Step 7: Normal Base

Prettymuch the base for mouses that are connected to the computer by wires.

1: Make this bad boy
2: And this
3: Put the two together (Greens facing down)
4: Build this
5: Make this funky bit
6: A close up of the corner
7: Put it on the other part
8: And put the last bit in
9: Build this

You are almost there!

Step 8: Normal Base Assembley

Real easy. Just stick it on the bottom of the frame.

1: Yeah...
2: Put the blue rod thing through the white connector and connect it to the hinge (I removed a yellow rod for this picture so you could see).


Step 9: Usage

Simply put the machine over the mouse of choice and plug the motor in. It should just start clicking. A lot. Clicking a lot. Click, click, click, click.....

Hope it works for you. Thanks for building!