Introduction: Knex Compact AST Pistol

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Here is my AST pistol. AST standing for Assault, this is a small Magazine-fed pistol, that is easy to use and has good power.

The main reason I am posting this is because of the trigger. It is a neat trigger I came up with a while ago, and I wanted to put it on a gun; thusly this pistol. The video shows how it works best. Range is
45 - 65 feet.

Hope you like it!

Step 1: Parts List

This is the parts list. It is where I list the parts. The parts you need are listed below.

Green ----- 97
White ------63
Blue ------- 3
Grey ------ 1 (this should really be black)

Dark Grey -- 8
Light Grey -- 5
Red ---------- 4
Green ------- 17
Yellow------ 46
White -------- 9
Orange ------7
Blue --------- 4

Blue Spacer ----- 16
Y Connector ----- 10
Ball Socket ------- 1
Elastics. You will need two small elastics, and however many you want for the ram.

Got those? Lets get started!

Step 2: Handle and Such

This is the step for the handle, and the part in front of the handle. Simple.

1: Start with these four pieces
2: Make these four panels. Be sure that one is one yellow shorter than the rest
3: Put them all together with one cross-snapped white rod
4: The shorter one goes in the middle like so
5: Put the four pieces you made first in the spaces so its like this
6: Make these two panels
7: And these two pieces
8: Take one panel and cross snap white rods on it like so
9: Put those bits you made just a moment ago on as shown
10: Put the other panel over like so
11: Put the two parts together
12: Make this little piece
13: From another angle
14: Put it on the piece you already have with a white rod

Step 3: Trigger and Rear Barrel

This is a small step, which contains the trigger mechanism that I made. Get to it!

1: Start with these two panels
2: Make these two bits
3: Put them on like so
4: Put those white rods on
5: Get these parts
6: Snap the parts over the white rods like so
7: Put that last piece you have left onto the top like so. This stop the trigger from popping out of the barrel.

Step 4: Top Barrel

This is the bar thingy that extends over the top of the gun. Its really simple.

1: Make these two panels
2: Make these rails
3: Put those white rods on one of the panels
4: Put the bits on like so, and put the other panel on top. Sorry, the picture of that got deleted or something. Sorry.

Step 5: Top Barrel

This is the part that drops down from the front to make the other end of the slide for the mag. Not too hard.

1: Make these two panels (sorry about the blur)
2: Make these parts
3: Put them on one panel like so
4: Put the other panel on top. That was easy!

Step 6: Odd Bits

Here are just a few little parts you will need to make.

1: Ram
2: Close up
3: Take it up really good
4: Make this
5: Make this

You will put these on in the assembley step.

Step 7: Assembley

This is the fun bit. Here we are going to put it all together and make it ready to fire.

1: Exploded view
2: Put the back barrel and top barrel together like so
3: Put the handle on. Pretty straight forward
4: Connect the two trigger pieces so its like this
5: From a angle
6: What it should look like at the handle
7: Put the front on
8: Just in case you have poor eyesight...
9: Put that piece you made before in like so. Put the small elastic on as shown
10: Place a elastic on the trigger like so
11: Put your elastics on the ram as you want


Step 8: Firing

Here you will learn to fire your gun. If you have any experience you should be able to figure it out, but just in case...

1: Your gun and your ammo (Yellow rods)
2: Take the pusher-inner thingy and hook it onto the bottom of the gun like so
3: Put in your ammo
4: Put as many yellow rods in as you wish, and then place the pusher-inner back on top of all the rods
5: Pull the ram back until it passes the block, and then let it go
6: Take aim....
7: FIRE!

Repeat pulling back and shooting until the magazine is empty.

Step 9: Finished!

You're done! Yay! I hope you like this gun. Have fun!