Introduction: Knex Handgun

this gun was only ment for looks but its farley powerful (if you have enough rubber bands, i lost or snapped all of mine) it is a single shot, true trigger gun. now this is my first instructable so if any beneficial coments can be offered to make my gun better, plz tell me, or make it yourself. (i dont care if you mod it or steal parts from it)

Step 1: Handle

easy, but pay close attention!

Step 2: Trigger

this is a very simple, true trigger.

Step 3: Grip Thing

i dont know what this is. it might be a support or grip, i dont care.

Step 4: Front Barrel

This is pretty simple, make it longer or shorter if you want.

Step 5: Back Barrel

This is required. it is kind of like the front part.

Step 6: Ram Rod

The easist part.

Step 7: Put It Together!

You almost done!

Step 8: Attaching Rubber Bands

ok this is easy.