Introduction: Knex Ipod Holder, V2

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In april when I first joined ibles, I made an Ipod dock the first day I came. It had a lot more features than the rest, but it was SO ugly! So, after looking at Tmbo17932s, I made on that's similar to his that fits my needs.
This one is completely different, but looks a lot like his, so I am giving him credit.


Step 1: The Front

For this step you will need :
6 purple connectors
2 yellow connectors
2 blue connectors
2 white rods
6 green rods

Connect a purple connector with a blue one and a yellow one with 2 green rods and a white. Now slide two other purple connectors on. Add a white rod on the edge.

Do this twice, the connect them with 2 green rods.

Step 2: The Back

This part is a little add on that makes it a lot sturdier.

Connect a red connector to a yellow/ gray connector with a green rod, then add a green rod to the red connector and a white one to the yellow one. Do this twice, then connect with a green rod

You should now have both of these.

Step 3: Middle Section.

You need 2 blue connectors, 2 purple connectors, 2 yellow connectors, 7 green rods and 2 white rods.

Attach a purple connector to a yellow connector, and add a green and a white rod on like in the pictures. Do this twice, then connect them with a green rod, and add a blue connector on each side, with a green rod sticking out.

Step 4: Ipod Touch Sideways Mod

If you have an Ipod touch, and want to put it in sideways, add this onto the end.

Step 5: Put It Together!

The most fun step!

Make sure that the front and middle look like this, so that connecting them will be easy. I forgot to show how to make the little piece with the two red connectors, but it's not that hard.

Reposition the back so it can connect, then just clip it on!