Introduction: Knex Kart 1.0

(Sorry bout there only being a few pictures i built this then decided i wanted to make an instructable)
I dubbed this project the knex kart because it uses a few knex pieces and it is and alliteration. This is 1.0 because i am planning on making more. This first robot is simple it moves straight and turns on two leds.

this is my first instructable soo please give some constructional critisism yada yada

Step 1: Parts List/ Tools List

piece of plexiglass or some sort of strong material for chassis
two large knex wheels
one small knex wheel
two blue and green knex rods
two orange and green knex connectors
one white rod
two hobby motors
a spdt slide switch
battery pack (i used a three aa pack i took from an electronic toy i found in my house) or a 4aa pack will work.
3 paint stirrer things
22 gauge wire
some resistors i think i used like 200 ohm or soo

Soldering iron, solder
hot glue gun, hot glue
cutting item like a band saw

i know it a long list but it a cool project

Step 2: First Bit, Chassis

my chassis i cut on a bandsaw and it is a five sided figure which i think fits the layout of the three wheels. not much else to say bout the chassis except for find a design that suits u and draw the design first before cutting.
sorry dont have any pics of the chassis

Step 3: The Motors-wheels

for the motors and wheels you will need the hot glue.
first take your two large wheels and spurt a little hot glue in them then before it dries stick the end of the motor with the spinny part in the hot glue and let dry

for the back wheel
put the small wheel through the white connector and put the orange connectors hooked on to the rod on the sides of the wheel to hold it in place then hook the small green rods to the oranges then green connectors to the green rods and finally connect the two blues to the green connectors

then glue the blue rods to the chassis as shown in the pics and hold off on the motors

Step 4: Wiring, the Hard Part

ok listen carefully and follow the pics

fist get the battery pack set up
solder two wire leads from ground out and +v out dont solder them together let them hang
ground will have at least 1 lead from every thing soo make the contact long and the + volts wire will be attached to one thing soo does not need to be as long then glue the battery pack to about the middle of the chassis for easy reach.

connect the +volts wire to the middle lead of the switch
then make a base wire (this wire will be how every thing gets power)
this should be bare or almost bare. and connect the base wire to one of the side leads. (which lead you attach it to determines which side is on.)(in other words the side you connected the base wire to is the on and the other is off.) Let me stress that every thing is connected to the switch because the switch is the +volts base. we will hold off on gluing this

u have to test the motors a lot the should both turn the same way and away from the back wheel is forward (obviously) the back wheel is the small wheel
connect the motor to the base +volts wire and the ground base wire test move to next motor then after testing that one and making sure it goes the same way as the other one (if it doesnt switch the soldered wires around) its time to glue them. Glue each motor with hot glue near the front of the chassis and they should be just about even with each other once the motors are glued on u now have a movable vehicle

last but not least the leds
the leds are easy i used a red and green but u could use yellow if u wanted just no white or blue
take the first led and solder the anode (the longer lead, the +volts) to a resistor and solder the resistor to the +volts base. Next solder the cathode (the short one, the one on the flatter side of the led, the ground) to the ground base. Repeat with the other one. and that should be it for the wiring.
where you glue these is up to you but hold off until you put the covering on.

now to glue the switch on
make sure all wiring is complete and every thing (except this and maybe the leds) is glued on, then proceed
put a notch of glue on the side of the battery pack facing forward and stick the switch there
then after the glue has set you could, can, put some reinforcement glue on the switch, I love glue soo i did this.

Step 5: Covering the Bot

i covered my bot as you can see with paint stirrers. First i measured a stirrer to match the width of the two motors and glued the rectangle to both motors. The i measured another rectangle to the motors to make a front bumper. then i measured two more rectangles... i forget i measured them exactly i am pretty sure i just cut them right before the curve of the stirrer. Then i used the other end of the stirrer the small end after the curve to support the longer rectangle. (this is a lot easier explained if you just looked at the pics.

Step 6: Decorating

now that you have the robot covered and working you can decorate anyway your heart desired for me... well i only felt like putting its name on it soo it would have a label.

You could paint it although i suggest you do this before gluing
you could write stuff on the bot you could put more leds

the funny little pic on the front is me doodling and trying to get a pen to work

Step 7: Future

I am working on knex kart 2.0 right now
i mostly just have to gather the parts and there will be a step by step pic instructable (with writing of corse) the future version will have steering, 4 wheels and a siren to ward off pets and people

Please comment this is my first instructable