Introduction: Knex Pistol

This is just a little thing i cooked up when i was bored. Its not the greatest, but i mean it shoots, and its the first one i made that shoots. It isn't too bad either.

- Looks OK
- Comfortable
- shoots decently

- Can't aim down because the shot will fall out
- Has the stupid block trigger that i hate so much
-Sucky aimer

Step 1: Handle

This step is pretty easy. its exactly what it looks like.

Step 2: Aimer

Easier step. Just a bunch of gray connecters on a yellow rod.

Step 3: Barrel

Probably *definitely*hardest step on this instructable. Just a bunch of connecters on a red rod.

Step 4: Firing Pin

Simple step.

Step 5: Rubber Band

Goes from firing pin, to block trigger, to green rod.

Step 6: FINISHED!!!!!

Now, go have fun. Just don't shoot anybodies eye out. This includes youself.