Introduction: Knex 8 Shot Gatling Gun

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Hello, this is knex wizard and I want you to see my new knex 8 shot gatling gun. This is my second instructable.It fires 20ft but if you want it to fire farther then put 2 rubberbands on the wheel.

Step 1: Stand

In this step we will be working on the stand.
1.make this
2.make sure that this piece is at the top make this
4.make sure that there is a white snowflake at the top
5.make these pieces
6.gather these parts
7.connect them together
8.closer view attach the other part of the stand
10.gather these parts
11.make this with the parts you just gathered
12.attach these
13.make these
14.attach them to the other part you just made
15.make this
16.attach it to this part
17.gather these parts
18.attach them together
19.attach the yellow rods to the purple lock conectors
20.snap the orange connector onto the white rod
21.this is what you should have.

Step 2: Part That Holds Ammo

In this step we will make the part that fires the piece
1.gather these pieces
2.make this
3.add 3 more
4.gather 2 blue washers
5.make this
6.put them on
7.add 11 more
8.make this
9.slide it in
10.take a rubberband
11.put it around the orange connector
12.pull it onto the front
13.different view
14.get two white rods
15.attach them to the piece on each end make 7 more

Step 3: Wheel

In this step we will connect all the ammo part together
1.gather these pieces
2.connect them
3.put the spacers on then the snowflakes
4.attach the ammo thing. attach the rest
6.different view
7.gather these parts
8.slide the on the wheel
9.get this motor or you can use any other moter
10.get these parts
11.put the rod through the hole and add the parts

Step 4: Loading

To load the gun you must pull thefiring pin back and put 4 grren rods in each hole then turn the moter on then it will fire.