Introduction: Knex Supercar Mods

These mods are made by 12MarijnS12, but his instructable was made in Dutch.
So I translated it for him.

For now, I'll only give instructions for the convertible roof, but I'm updating this instructable in the future so it also explains how to build a driving mirror, wingdoors and how to put the steer on the other side.

Step 1: Piece Count

These are the pieces that you will need to build the convertible roof:

-Green: 27
-White: 14
-Blue: 6

-Grey: 3
-Red: 5
-Yellow: 5
-White: 3
-Green: 6
-Orange: 1
-Blue: 3
-Purple: 4
-Lightgrey: 2

-Blue spacers: 2
-Grey spacers: 2
-Black/Blue Connectors: 1

Step 2: Building and Installing the Roof

Do as the pictures say.

Pic 1-10: Roof attachment.
Pic 11-14: Strengthening
Pic 15-16: Window adjustment
Pic 17-18: Car with new roof