Introduction: Knexgunner's X-bow

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Over the past...week I have been developing a knex creation. Thus this x-bow. THe x-bow has greatr range and decent accuracy. The trigger is a rachet system and is VERY reliable. So herez it is.

P.S The bow contains 2 blot holders for two C-Class bolts.

Step 1: Piece Count

This is the piece count (duh). if im off, comment here.

Yellow: 8
Green: 54
Grey: 4
White: 36

Light Grey (2-way):4
Red:2 (NOT including ammo)
Grey (one way): 13

Black "hands": 5
Blue Spacers: 4
Blue Clips: 2
Tan Clip: 4
Ball Socket: 2

Step 2: The Stock

I know, this is the simplelist stock but i couldn't make anothor stock with out making it uncomfy.
Pic 1: Make this
Pic3: Make these
Pic4: Connect
Pic5: Snap the other side on

Step 3: The Handle and Trigger

As the title states, we are making the handle and trigger.
Pic1: Make these
Pic2: Make
Pic3: Add to the panel on top in pic1
Pic4: Snap the other plate on
Pic5: Make NOTE: ther is a yellow connector behind the red connector
Pic6: make
PIc:7 Snap pic 6 onto pic 5
Pic:8: Above the trigger on the yellow connect or place a white connector in the hole of the yellow na slide a blue rod through
Pic9: Place tan clips on the blue rod and slide the into the yellow
Pic10: my other pic got deleted and i had 2 use this one now read the box
pic11: WHOOPS almost forgot, make this,
pic12: add this ans savefor later

Step 4: Barrel

This is the barrel (duh)
Pic1: Make both
Pic2: Add yellow WITH OUT GREEN RODS
Pic3: add green rods

Step 5: Support

This is the barrel support
Pic1: Make
Pic2: Attach. Notice the orange connector sticking out thats the end where the green connectors attach

Step 6: The Bow

This hold the band(s)
Pic1: make
Pic2: Make two
PIc3: the bottom
Pic4: make and save for later
Pic5: attach to bow
Pic6: attach to bow
Pic7&8: Attach the thing from pic 4 like so

Step 7: Assembly

It is time to put it together!
Pic1: Handle to barrel
Pic2: Remember that piece from step 3? attach it
PIc3; attach stock
I dont have a poic for this, but the bow attachesto the green connectors on the bottom of the barrel and the holes of the connectors line up.
WHOALA you're done now to load and fire... >:)

Step 8: Stringing

I lied, this how you put the rubber band on a.k.a stringing the bow.
Pic1:Loop the rubber band onto the yellow rod INBETWEEN the yellow and orange connector.
This goes for both sides. Now we learn how to load and fire >:)

Step 9: Loading and Firing

There are 3 main types of ammo i like to use. One is an A-Class shot. That is a grey rod with a red connector with a ball joint at the end. Anothor is a B-class. That is a Red connector on a red rod. The final one is a C-class which is a red connector on a yellow rod; two of these can fit into the bow.
To load, you pull the rubber band back onto the White connector sticking up at the back of the barrel. Then you load your shot into the barrel and pull the trigger.