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Hi friends am gonna show you how to made a knife from scrap steel metal


Scrap steel metal, wood block for handle, drill machine, angle grinder for cutting steel and polishing, sanding paper, a nail to use as rivit.

Step 1: Select a Type of Metal or Steel You Want

select the metal plate and draw your favorite shape of knife in the above image i have drawn a simple basic knife shape.

Step 2: Cut the Shape of Knife Using Angle Grinder or Or Any Cutting Machine.

1, Once you draw your pattern, cut out the shape of knife and before cutting it remove the rusts (If Any ) from the metal.

NOTE make sure you wear face masks and glass to protect from metal dusts

Step 3: As Mentioned in Image Make a Hole at the Middle of Knife As Shown in Image

once the basic shape has been cut, put a hole with drill machine at center of the blade at right side corner to place the rivit.

Step 4: After Dilling the Hole Draw Your Handle Pattern

once you drill the hole in metal keep that knife in a wooden block and mark your handles shape. as shown in above image

Step 5: Shape the Handle

once the handle is drawn cut it out with hacksaw or you can shape the handle in belt sander or dremel. i have shaped the handle using Angle grinder.

Step 6: Assemble the Knife With the Handle

assemble the knife with the handle and insert the nail in the hole which you put in knife and handle ,

if you want we can apply some epoxy or glue so that it remains hard forever.

Step 7: Sharp the Knife

You can sharp the knife as you needed through belt sander or using sanding stone

i have sharped it thorough the sand paper and sanding stone

I hope this could be very useful for you

Thank you Friends

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