Introduction: Knife Holder (Silly Solutions)

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After waking up from a quite good sleep, I got ready and went downstairs to prepare myself a nice breakfast. I made the usual PB&J that I always make, and after spreading the jam I noticed that there was nowhere for me to place the knife I used. Not on the table because that would make a mess, not on top of the jar because then it would just fall off, not in the bottle either because that would just make a huge mess on the knife. Alright, I think you get my point. Just nowhere to place the knife. I proceeded to just wash off the knife and put it back and that means that if I wanted to make another one, I would have to wash the knife again. This just really got me thinking, "has nobody thought of a solution to this?" Right after finishing my glorious PB&J, I got to work and created something that could hold my knives. It had to be easy to clean, light, compact, and should make it easy to grab the knives. So I finished my Knife Holder and 6 months later I see this challenge. I decided to enter my knife holder into the contest under the Silly Solutions category. I decided to improve my knife holder so it would be even easier to use and somewhat more appealing. A week later, I ended up with this result.

Step 1: Measurements and Planning

The first step was to take measurements of my knife so I could create the knife holder at an appropriate size. The blade was 1mm thick and 105mm long. The handle was about half a centimeter thick and 115mm long. I decided to make two blocks. One at the beginning of the blade and one at the end of the blade. Each block would have 3 cutouts at the top that were aligned and were big enough to fit the knife. These two blocks would be connected by a base.

Step 2: Version 1

The first version I made was quite simple. The two blocks to hold up my knives. One of them had larger cutouts to fit the handle and was taller as well. That was so the knife would stay perfectly straight with the base of the holder. This worked quite well but there were a few problems. The knives were quite hard to get a grip on and the sharp edges of the holder made it hard to clean out some of the stuck peanut butter. I was alright with this but I knew it could be better. That's why I made the next version.

Step 3: Version 2 (end Result)

For the 2nd version, I knew that I would need to make the knives slanted downwards so they would be easier to grab. To prevent them from sliding out of the holder I would place a stopper/bumper at the end of the holder. I would also make as many curved edges as I could to make sure that I could clean it easier. The base of the holder can actually be used as a drip tray. I also added some knife models that I made just to show how the holder is meant to be used. There is also a cool design of some miniauture knives engraved into the base of the holder using a hole shape. The end result is shown here. If you liked the project, please leave a favourite and an upvote. That would be greatly appreciated. Any questions can be left in the comments and I will answer them asap. Thanks for reading!

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