Introduction: Knife Made From Old Saw Blade

This knife is made from an old saw blade and wood residues from previous projects.For the production of this knife you need only hand tools : a hacksaw, the scroll saw with slices on iron, saw, planer and file.I choose my favorite combination of material for handle, light maple wood and dark walnut wood.Everything is maximally simplified , that almost everyone can make a similar knife with basic tools.The only setback when using hand tools is wasting of a time. The basic tools for this project can be exchanged for power tools (band saw, scroll saw, electric planer, circular saw, angle grinder) significantly accelerate workflows, but after this knife is not handmade. Thank you for watching and listening of funny sounds:)

Step 1: Body of Knife

The first thing we will print the attached template. Spray the saw blade with contact adhesive glue and put template on saw blade . The straight part of the knife circumcise a hacksaw and parts where it is difficult to get we cut by scroll saw. Knife is already circumcised, we can begin to make filing cutting edge of the knife.

Step 2: Wooden Handle

Fix piece of walnut wood in workbench and use it hand planer to make it straight top part.Also make same with piece of maple wood.Using glue and clamps to join wooden pieces together.Cut two pieces evenly from the sealed timber. The cut side make straight by fill and after that make it better by sand paper.Redraw handle of knife on both pieces of wood ( make it right and left).Use the hand scroll saw to cut of a handle shape from wood.Mix a transparent epoxy glue and put on a wooden handle.Put on a iron body of knife and secure by clamps.

Step 3: Completing of Handle

Use it square file on a smooth wood edge of handle.Mark the curve five milimetres from the edge of the handle. Use rasper to make it angle from the curve to the edge of walnut wood.So it is created a nice edge on handle. Using metal square and fine wood saws to cut into the handle in one direction subsequently be scratches in the opposite direction.

Step 4: Painting and Sharpening

Make a final sanding by 240 sandpaper.Cover knife blade by paper tape and spray it two layers of clear lacquer. After drying take a blade on sharpening stone and make it sharp. I am using medium water stone and for a final sharpening using slate stone.

Step 5: Blade Guard

For blade cover we will use remain pieces of walnut wood from a handle and few small pieces of viener.Three plates of veneers glue it and leave harden between two plates.We need two plates , so repeat one more time last proces.Draw outline of the blade on piece of walnut wood and add three milimeters edge. Cut the outside and inside by scroll saw.Put walnut wood what we just cut out from a board in the middle of layers of veneer with glue. Stick together with blade of knife to make it right shape.

Step 6: Finishing of a Blade Guard

Cut out veneer what is across walnut wood.Use sandpaper on a edge of blade cover , make it nice and clean edge. Draw your name , logo or what however you want on a paper tape. Cut out by stanley knife. Put this template on a blade cover and use some color to spray it.Blade cover for this knife is done and this project too :)


Step 7: Final Knife

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