Knife Security Chain




Introduction: Knife Security Chain

The reason why I made this is I have new Victorinox knife and i lost it twice in one month. It was very hard to find it because of color of knife. I don't want to search it again so this chain could be solution. With this chain you have secured knive but you can detach it very quickly in case of emergency.

Step 1: Material

  • Chain (about 20-30cm).
  • Two small key rings.
  • Two small carbine.
  • Piece of wire (about 1mm diameter)

Step 2: Tools

You'll need just pliers and the knife.

Step 3: Chain Length

First cut off chain to required length. I used about 25 cm because it's too long for work with knife even if it's clipped to my pocket (for example if you just want something cut off.).

Step 4: Put Together

Put key ring into carbine. I used my can opener in knife to help to distend the key ring and put carbine. Then add chain on this key ring too.

Step 5: Unused Assembly

It's possible to make another side of the chain like first, but it's not possible detach knife in less then 5 second so I decide put carbine exactly to knife, not chain because the knife I keep everytime with me, but this security chain not, so one more piece of tool (carbine) on my knife could be useful.

Step 6: Other Side of Chain - Quick Detach

On the other side of the chain I add only key ring without carbine and "carbine" which can be opened by twitch.

This carbine is very easy to make.

Step 7: The "carbine"

I made it from welding wire 1mm diameter about 5 cm length. First bend little circle in the middle. Then bend wire about 15mm over this circle to inside on both side. Then cut off remaining wire.

Then put key ring on chain over little circle on carbine.

Step 8: Attach Knife

Now you can attach knife with diy carbine.

So, that's all. Now you can clip on your security chain on your pants, pocket, zipper or something else and never lost it again and concurrently you can unclasp knife very fast. If you use ordinary carbine, it takes about 5 second to detach knife and it could be too long in emergency

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    Youtube knight16
    Youtube knight16

    1 year ago

    Awesome I made and used a similar design only with paracord for years!


    5 years ago

    Good! However, after using chains like this for years - and having negative experiences with scratched surfaces, chain rings coming loose and broken carabiners (made out of zink alloy instead of stainless steel), I now use a length of paracord tied to my Swiss Army knife. It's easy to make knots and loops and fasten it to about anything.


    5 years ago

    I prefer to use a lockable chain link ( like this ) rather than these clips or carabiners, not as easy to undo quickly but also far less likely to come undone accidently in the pocket (which I found happens more than i every expected). Also if you are worried about the visability of the knife why not make a strap of bright paracord?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Lockable carbine is good, but it cannot be used on edge of pocket or pants but you need hole. Also if I attach it to my pocket (like in gif in link below) , it's wasn't possible detach it with much strong twitch. Yes bright paracord, I thought about it, but it's not good looking with knife like this and I believe that this chain will keep knife with me and I'll never lose it again. Thanks for opinion. :)