Introduction: Knife Sharpening System

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for a better visual suport feel free to watch my youtube video.


  • a piece of plywood
  • a2X4
  • a wooden rod
  • sand paper
  • double faced tapescrew

Step 1: Cutting of the Pieces

you need to cut the plywood in a piece of 4x24 than cut it in a half and an other time in a half.This way you get two pieces of 4X6 and one of 4X12

Now with the 2X4 you need to cut it so it is square (2X2)and 9inch long with the rod you need to cut two pieces of 3inch long

Step 2: Drilling the Hole

You need to drill two holes in the middle of the 2X2 square part as shown on the picture. The holes need to be aproximately 2.5inch deep.

In the two 4X6 piece you need to drill a hole on the top. The hole need to be deep enaught but not passing trought the wood.

Step 3: Assembly

for this part it's really easier to watch the video.

you need to glue the wooden rod into the 4X6 plywood and then screw the longer piece of plywood at the base. When it's done put the center part and screw the othe side part. When it's done use double faced tape to glue the sand paper in place. for my sharpener i use 230 grit,300,600 and a leather belt. The rotating system is ready!!

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