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I am Raizer04 and this is my instructable worklog pertaining to my created playstation 2 portable the KNIGHT RAIZER.

So your thinking..."well why not just use psp?"....well my answer to that is the psp has horrible emulation, especially with the ps2 emulator! But thats not all. I needed a way to set myself aside from other modders. What could i do to put this to the next level. REMOVE THE DISC DRIVE. That is right....this portable ps2 relies solely on a thumb drive with the games (ISO) saved on there! This means i can upload any of my backupgames via thumb drive and have no framerate issues since an entire ps2 is all in one case! So we will begin this journey from case-making to finish product.

To view my main worklog with all discussions please view here:

To view my final product view here:

Step 1: Items Used!

Here is a list of items and what they cost me when i obtained them

Used PS2 and PS1 Screen: Used PS2 and PS1 screens purchased and quality checked.
Cost = $60 (PS2 = $40 / PS1 Screen = $20)

Dremel and station: Dremel tool and docking station used for drilling, primarily for drilling

Various Tools: Small tools being used....screwdrivers, pliers, solder gun, solder wire, gluegun (yes its, mini glue sticks.
Cost = $30

Lazer Doodle: The main casing for the project. (This thing was hard as HECK to find... )
Cost = $60

Blue LED Superflux Chip: Two superflux chips to be located behind speaker units (VERY BRIGHT)
Cost = (Had leftovers from working on my car) (Original price is like $3-$4)

Battery: 11.1v Lithium Polymer Battery (

Step 2: Casemaking

Casemaking is the key to presenting a very good product/portable gaming system. If it can catch the eye of the beholder (I AM THE then you know you did a good job

First begin by totally gutting the lazer doodle, leave nothing inside at all.

Sand all the ridges down and make everything on the inside completely flat.

Measure out screen casing and the controller front casing and cut the locations out in your lazer doodle. (if it doesnt fit after you make the cut with your dremel...dont cut it bigger, sand it away until it need this to fit snugly!)

After you have the screen case and the controller front case in, dab some hot glue in there to keep it in place. (only enough to make it hold...and dont put the hotglue on from the top...only put it in on the back.

Put some masking tape (press down good) on the front of the lazer doodle case...covering all the holes you just created (the lining where you made the cut). Fill the holes from the back with ABS Cement (black kind...not yellow. You can find it in the plumbing section of your local hardware store....its called Oatey Black ABS)...let dry for 2-4 hours.

-Peel off the masking tape to reveal a semi filled bumpy regions of your case. Sand the black surrounding portions down so that it is as smooth as possible (sand it so that it is a little lower than the case height.)

-Apply a bondo (with hardener mixed in) on top of the abs cement and let dry. (Remember...the more bondo you use...the MORE YOU HAVE TO SAND!!)

-After it is dry sand down the portable to perfection....paint with a sandable primer filler...look for imperfections and apply more bondo to the needed areas. let dry, resand, re-primer. Keep doing this step until you have your desired look.

-Once you have the needed look, apply final primer coat, let dry, apply paint coat, let dry, apply clear coat....completed.

This method can be read further at this location on is called "Casemaking: Hailrazer Style" 


My main worklog:

Step 3: Ps2 Wiring Guides

Here is the Ps2/Ps1 Screen/Controller/ Portable Wiring Diagrams!

(please see pictures)

*Ps2 Controllers have various revisions

Please refer to this site for all the revisions!

The 11.1v battery i used had a protection circuit (from and i used a regulator from ebay (just type in "AX3022 Based Swlitching Reguator" ) then i stepped it down to the 8v

Step 4: No Disc Drive and FreeMcboot?

I eradicated the disc drive in my portable because i didnt like it. In order to do that you must block the sensors in the ps2 and use freemcboot.

This video shows the correct information to date on FreeMcboot for the ps2.
Gamedexterity Guide:

This site has all the apps and exploits for FreeMcboot
FreeMcboot Apps site:
(Be sure to read through the site for exactly what you want!...the possibilites are endless)

This site shows the revisions of the ps2's (some are bigger than others, and different motherboard types)
Site: (scroll down and you will see the mod installation pics)

Step 5: Youtube Video: Knight Raizer

When everything is said and done, give yourself a pat on the back and make a youtube video for all to see your newly created customized ps2 portable!

If you have any questions feel free to come and check out the main website where i show all my worklogs and mods the moddedbybacteria site/forums
( )

For my exclusive revealing check out the finished youtube video here:

Thanks for reading and much thanks to all the members of moddedbybacteria site for helping me with this cool mod!

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