Introduction: Knit-Stitch Scarf With Crocheted Tassels

My sheep Forrest is modeling a cozy knitted scarf with beautiful tassels.


  • knitting needles
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • crochet needle (pen or pencil works also)
  • comfy couch

Step 1: Cast On

The first step to knitting is to cast on.

  • First make a slip knot and put it on your needle (make sure to leave extra string for making loops)
  • Next take your string behind your slip knot and loop it slowly around your thumb. Hold this position like a "thumbs up" then slowly bring your needle onto the side of your thumb and under the yarn around your thumb. Then take your thumb out and pull the yarn until it tightens into a loop around your needle.
  • Make as many loops as you like but keep in mind this will end up being the width of your scarf.

Step 2: Knitting Your Scarf

Now that you have all your loops on one of your needles you can begin knitting your scarf

  • Take your needle without loops and slowly slip it under your first loop.
  • Now holding that position, pull the yarn toward you and wrap it around the needle once.
  • Then pull that loop through the other loop
  • Unhook the first loop from the needle and that stitch is finished. (you should have one loop on one needle and the other needle should have the other loops on minus one)
  • Repeat until your row is finished
  • Swap needles in your hands.
  • Repeat until the desired length of your scarf is reached)

Step 3: Crocheted Tassels

Now it is time to crochet the tassels. We will be using the easy stitch of crocheting.

  • Take a loop from the bottom of your scarf and tie your yarn to it.
  • Now take your crochet hook into the loop.
  • Take the yarn and bring it around your hook.
  • Now take your bottom loop on your hook and bring it over the top yarn.
  • This should give you one little stitch.
  • Repeat this over and over again until the tassel is as long as you want it
  • Then take the end loop of your tassel when you are done with it and tie it off and cut it.
  • To make new tassels repeat this whole thing over again. NOW YOUR SCARF IS DONE!!! ,

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