Knit a Husky Hat!

Introduction: Knit a Husky Hat!

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How Ad(epl)orable! ...Subversive!

... Instructions below.

Step 1: Assemble Materials

Sharpen those needles(size 11)

Spin that wool(black/silver-blue/white)

Section off a small, separate amount of black.

Step 2: Begin!

  1. Combine a strand of silver-blue and black.
  2. Cast on 28 stitches for S/M, 32 for L/XL
  3. 1st row: PKKPPKKPP.....KKP
  4. 2nd row: KPPKKPP.... PPK

Step 3: Continue With Knitting

3rd row: PKKPPKK... KKP

4th row: KPPKKPP... PPK

5th row: Knit all

6th row: Purl all

Continue this alternating, creating stockinette stitch

Step 4: Create Black Stripe

On 31st row: replace silver-blue strand with black from small segment.

And knit that (31st)

Row: 32P 33K 34P 35K 36P

Step 5: Create White Stripe

1. Replace both black strands with 2 white strands

2. Rows: 37K 38P 39K 40P 41K 42P 43K 44P 45K 46P

3. Replace 2 white threads each with silver-blue, and black

Step 6: Continue Knitting to Finish Front of Hat

47K 48P 49K etc.

Row 63, create ribbing

Rows: 63 PKKPPKK.... KKP

64: KPPKK....PPK

65: PKKPP... KKP

66: KPPKK... PPK

67 cast off

Leave long tail of yarn to sew up sides

Step 7: Sew Up Sides

Fold hat in half, right sights together.

Using a large-eye yarn needle, sew up sides with a ladder stitch.

Repeat for other side

Step 8: Finished!

Turn right side out.

Husky Power!

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