Knit an Adult-sized Baby Yoda Hat

Introduction: Knit an Adult-sized Baby Yoda Hat

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Baby Yoda hats shouldn't be just for babies!
Follow along to see how I created this adult-sized version for my daughter

Step 1: Create Hat.

Baby Yoda hat


US 11 needles
2 strands of green, slightly varied tone
Long-tail cast-on 50 stitches

Create stockinette pattern for 6"

Step 2: Shape Hat.

K4, K2tog, K6 K2tog*... ending with K4
Purl next row
K3, K2tog, K4 K2tog*... ending with K3
Purl next row
K2, K2tog  K3*
Purl next row
K2tog *

Cut yarn balls from work, leaving a 2' tail
Use yarn needle to remove the 15 loops from knitting needle
Pull tightly and sew sides of hat together.

Step 3: Make Ears.


Cast on 12 stitches, leaving 16" tail to sew onto hat
Row 1 & 2 K12
Row 3 & 4 increase 1 stitch in middle
(Knit into front & back of loop)
Row 5-10 K14
Every odd row: K1 K2tog, knit to end
Every even row until 24th row, just knit
Row 33 K2 K2tog

Use yarn needle to remove last two stitches and pull through half ear, hiding yarn, cut. Sew each ear to sides of hat with other yarn tail.

Step 4: Finished Hat!

That's it! Wear with galactic pride, and may the Force be with you.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    6 weeks ago

    Nice job! I like your yarn color choice :)