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Introduction: Knitted Blanket Buddy

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A cute knitted blanket buddy, perfect for any baby.
This is so quick and easy to make - the fast knitters of you out there will be able to knit this in an afternoon!

You Will Need:
12ply yarn. I used Panda Amber. Unfortunately it's discontinued, but any yarn as thick as that will do.
4.5mm needles.
4mm needles.
Black yarn to embellish face. It doesn't really matter what ply it is, but I used 8ply.
Yarn needle.
Stitch marker (optional)

CO: Cast on
St: stitch/es
Sts: stitches
St st: stocking stitch
k: knit stitch (garter stitch)
p: purl
Inc: increase
dc: decrease
BO: bind off

Step 1: Blanket

Using your 4.5mm needles, CO 1 st.
Inc 1 st, k 1
Inc, k to end.
Continue using this method of inc first st, then knitting to end of row until you reach 14cm long.
Dc, knit to end.
Repeat this until you're left with 1 st.

Step 2: Head

CO 15st using 4mm needles.
Knit in st st for 17 rows.
Insert st marker to mark square. You can skip this if you like.

St st for another 17 rows.

Using the black wool and a yarn needle, embroider on a face.

Fold the rectangle in half, lining up the edges.
Using the yarn needle, sew it up, leaving a small gap at the end.
Fill with stuffing, and then finish sewing up.

Step 3: Ears (knit 2)

CO 7st
Starting with k, st st 5 rows.
Cut yarn leaving about 10cm (4inch) strand.
Using a yarn needle, thread the strand through the remaining sts.
Pull tight and tie off.

Step 4: Sew It All Up

Sew it all up as shown in photos. Or any other way you like!
Now you're done.

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    8 years ago

    So cute I don't understand why there are not many views they must be crazy if they don't want to make this it's awesome


    8 years ago

    This is soooo cute:D