Introduction: Knitted Minecraft Creeper

I like to play Minecraft. I also like to knit, so I decided to make myself a plush Creeper. I was pretty sure it would be easy because a creeper is just made up of boxes.

Step 1: Materials

I used 8ply acrylic yarn. Mum found some really cool multi coloured green that was perfect. I used about 2 and a half 100g balls.

For the face markings and the toes I used a little bit of black yarn.

Knitting needles – I used 3.75mm

Stuffing – I don’t know how much I used because it wasn’t a new bag.

Step 2: The Body Pieces

All the pieces are just squares or rectangles made doing stocking stitch.

Head: Make 6 pieces that are 40 stitches wide by 42 rows.

Body: Make two pieces 40 stitches wide by 21 rows – these are the top and bottom pieces of the body. Next make two pieces that are 40 stitches wide by 63 rows – These are the front and back pieces of the body. Finally make two pieces 20 stitches wide by 63 rows – these are the sides of the body.

Feet: Make four feet. Each foot is made with six pieces that are 20 stitches wide by 21 rows. (24 pieces in total)

Step 3: Making Up

Sew up the pieces for the head and feet into cubes, stuff and sew up the opening. Sew the body pieces so that the long narrow pieces are the sides and the wider long piece are the front and back. Stuff and sew up the opening.

Before you sew the pieces together, you have to put the face and the toes on. These are stitched on using black yarn. The toes are just 4 squares in a checker board pattern across the bottom of the foot.There is a picture on graph paper to show how to do the face.

When the markings are sewn on, you can put the Creeper together. The feet get sewn on the bottom of the body – two in front and two behind them. Then the head is attached on top of the body.

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