Introduction: Knitted Pumpkin

Easy to make knitted pumpkin


1/2 skein super thick yarn

size 13 knitting needles

darning needle

poly fiber stuffing

brown scrap fabric (approx 4 in by 10 in)

normal needle

black thread

Hot glue gun

Step 1: Knitting the Pumpkin

We will knit a rectangle using a ribbed pattern. The ribs resemble the bumps that pumpkins have.

Cast on 30 stitches.

row 1 *Knit two, purl two. repeat from * for the rest of the row

row 2 *Purl two, knit two repeat from * for rest of the row.

Continue to repeat this pattern until you have 20 rows (counting the cast on).

Cast off while continuing the pattern on the 21st row.

Leave a tail approximately 12 in long.

**The size of these pumpkins can be adjusted as desired. When casting on, cast stitches in multiples of 4 plus 2 extra stitches. Knit as many rows until you think it is as long as you want. Remember that is is curved though so just because your piece is x in long doesn't mean your pumpkin will be x in tall when its finished!

Tutorials for the following if you are a first time knitter (don't worry, this pattern is super easy as I am just learning too!!)

Casting on:

***I prefer single cast on

Knit and purl stitch:

Casting off:

Step 2: Sew Up the Pumpkin

Take the tail of the square and put it through a large darning needle. Thread the tail through the other end of the and weave the tail through the bottom stitch back towards the beginning of the tail. Once you have the tail back to where it started, pull the tail tight to draw the entire end together. Take the remaining tail and stitch in a star pattern until you have securely stitched the end together. This will be the bottom of the pumpkin.

Take the tail from casting on and put through a large darning needle. Line up the two sides so they are even and begin stitching the two sides together by weaving in and out of the two pieces. Stitch the sides all the way to the end.

Tie the remaining end and beginning tails together to ensure they are secured.

Step 3: Fill the Pumpkin and Sew Up

Stuff the pumpkin until its nice and full with a round shape.

Take a new piece of yarn approximately 12 in and put a large darning needle on one end. Loop through one stitch and tie a knot so the yarn does not put through. Begin weaving the yarn through the top stitches around the circle. Once you have reached where you started, pull the yarn tight as before. Stitch in a star pattern until the top of the pumpkin is stitched shut.

Step 4: Adding the Stem

Take a piece of brown fabric and double over hotdog style (i.e. fold the shorter edge in half!) Don't worry if its perfectly square. It is literally just any piece of scrap fabric you have!

Starting at one end of the fabric, begin rolling it up.

Once you have rolled the entire fabric piece up, stitch the end down with a small needle and black thread until it is secured.

Glue stem to the top of the pumpkin. Feel free to add a little leaf or leave it off!

Viola, super easy knitted pumpkin! Enjoy!

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