Introduction: Knitting Venture

About: I'm originally from Germany, born and raised there. That's also where I learned to knit and crochet, in second grade. During my younger years I thought of it as the most boring thing to do. I used to watch …

Being young and disabled has lent to too many hours of boredom so knitting was a way to escape and use up some of those hours. Knitting has also given me a way to relax and to not think about the daily pains I have since my mind is concentrating what I'm working on. In the recent months I have also started designing my own patterns which you will see quite a bit of here. I hope you enjoy the slideshow :)

I have knitted Alan Dart patterns and just LOVE his designs. Patterns are from various places like magazines, books............just whatever I can get my hands on. I have some wonderful friends who have given me yarn and that's what keeps me going. Most of the things I knit, I usually give away and don't really have much left except for my socks..........LOL. If by chance you do like some of my original designs, I have a couple of free patterns too but everything can be found at