Introduction: Knob Lighting

To Make A Lighting Using Paper Paste

*a structure ( with any material you want)



*spray paint

*2 mid size bowls

* a mixer

*a drill (to open holes)

Step 1: Step 1

At the begining I shreded the papers into little pieces and put them in a bowl. After I put shreded papers as how much I want, I fill the bowl with water (the water should pass papers a little) and then wait for a day.

Step 2: Step 2

Next day I shreded softened papers more little pieces one more time. (if you use mixer, it would be so much easier).Then I drain the water out and make paper pieces into little pastes to another bowl. After this process I add glue on the paper pastes and stick them together.Now I have the paper paste to cover it up the structure ! (:

All I need to is to cover all structure as I whatever like and put it to dry (like outside under the sun)now.

Step 3: Step 3

After it dried I opened holes to put ligthing inside.

At the end I decorated and painted as I like. Now it's ready to shine ! Good luck who will try to make it. It's really easy to make. Enjoy it !!! (: