Knot Your Ordinary Snowman




Introduction: Knot Your Ordinary Snowman

This tutorial will show you how to create your very own paracord snowman ornament!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
-16 gauge copper wire
-about 18-20 feet white paracord
-about 2 feet of black paracord
-about 2 feet of red paracord
-about 1 foot of orange paracord
-about 2-3 feet of thinner gray paracord (I used 3/32 tactical cord)
-a Ping pong ball, steel ball, or bouncy ball
-another ball smaller than the first one

-a lighter

Step 2: Make the Body

Begin by making a monkey fist around the larger ball.

Grab the end of your rope and start wrapping it around your fingers. I used a ping pong ball for the body of my snowman, so I estimated that I would need to wrap my rope around 8 or 9 times. If you are using a pingpong ball, I suggest wrapping it around 8 times.

Next, turn the loops you have made and start wrapping around them. Do this the same amount of time as the first time.

After that, turn it again and now you will wrap the loops you just created. After you make 1 or 2 loops, slide in your ping pong ball to help keep its shape.

Once you have it all wrapped, begin to gently pull the paracord strings to adjust the monkey fist. You want it to be pretty tight.

Step 3: Make Its Face

To make the face, you will make another monkey fist with the rest of the white paracord. I did not cut mine off the body.

Repeat the steps for the face, but probably wrap it around less times. I used a steel blue ball that was smaller than the ping pong ball. I wrapped mine around 4 or 5 times. Use your best guess, depending on the size ball you have.

Step 4: Create the Snowman

To bring the head and body closer together, take the thinner cord and put it underneath the top of the body and the bottom of the head. Pull the strings and tie a double knot.

Step 5: The Eyes

To make the eyes, grab the black paracord cut the end off. Now burn the end and stick it where you want the snowman's eye. After it is stuck to the monkey fist cut the rest of the paracord off, leaving about 1/4 inch for the eye. Burn the end of the cord and color with black sharpie when cooled.

Repeat this for the other eye.

Step 6: The Nose

Repeat the same steps used for the eyes, but this time leave the paracord about 1/2 an inch. Or however long you would like.

Step 7: The Arms

Take the black paracord that is about 4 inches long, and pull out the inner strands. Cut a piece of wire the same length as the paracord. Now, insert the wire into the paracord. Take a smaller piece of black paracord and tie it to the end of the the "arm" (making the fingers) Burn one end of the cord, sticking it to the snowman's body (just like the eyes).

Step 8: The Scarf

For the scarf, take two foot long pieces of red paracord. Take out the inner strands, and fold the cords in half. Place them behind the snowman's neck. Bring the ends of the cords around the front and pull the through the loops.

Step 9: Trim Unnecessary Cords

Now it's time to clean up the snowman. Trim and burn all the unnecessary cords like the one for the neck and the monkey fists. If the cord for the top monkey fist is in the front of your snowman's face, you can move the cord to the back of its head before cutting it.

Step 10: Hang Your Ornament

To finish your awesome snowman, add a piece of paracord to its head to allow you to hang your snowman. Just thread it under the top of the monkey fist and tie a knot.

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9 years ago

I love this. I remember making monkeys fist necklaces and wearing them at girl scout camp.


9 years ago on Introduction

So cute! I had never thought about creating shapes with this technique...great idea!

I ditto all of the previous comments - truly a creative and cute way to use paracord! Love it!

Very innovative use of knots :]. Thank you so much for sharing. Totally loved it.


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This is so unique and cute! Thanks for sharing.