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Introduction: Knotted Neck Warmer

About: Hello I am Amina. And I am a DIY content creator. I love creating all kinds of crafts, and especially paper crafts for kids.

This neck warmer is easy and fun to make....You really don't need much to make this....and you're free to use all the colors you want :)

Stuffs you need to make it:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hooks
  • Fleece/fabric
  • needle and threads

Step 1: Knots

First take measure how long you want your

scarf to be…take few centimeter longer than you need.

Find a place with hooks so you can hang it… it’s easier if it’s hanging.

If your wool is thick take 3 or 4 layers (if you want it to be heavy). Double the size you need then fold it in half. Make a loop (as shown in the photo) and hang it. Now make knots one after another keeping the same amount of distance.

If you want your scarf to be thick and tight keep very small gap between the knots. And if you want it to be loose and thin then take less layers and keep some large gaps. But if the gaps are too big the scarf might not look good.

Step 2: More Knots

When you’re done with the first row, now

take another layer of wools same as before, make a loop and hang it next to the first row. Now it’s exactly the same only a bit different. Because you’ve folded it half take one half (the one next to the first row) and put it through the first gap of the first row, after pulling it through the gap make a knot in the 2nd layer (like you did in the first row). Them again take one half this time put it through the 2nd gap of the first layer ( as shown the photo) pull it out make a knot. Keep doing that until you reach the end. You can take as many layers you want it depends how width you want the scarf to be. And it’s pretty simple. I hope you’ll enjoy making it.

Step 3: Join

Take down the scarf. Now join the both ends. Take a piece of fleece wrap it around where the both ends are joined. tuck it the end of the fleece and stitch it as neatly as possible. I prefer and stitches here. :)

Your scarf it done :)


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    Fission Chips

    This looks so cool and stylish! I'll bet it really warms your neck up a lot. Great job, looks like an awesome scarf to have!