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Introduction: Knotted Suede Lace Bracelet

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Most of the times when making a piece of jewellery, I like to go for intricate wirework designs. Sometimes, however, I prefer to go for something totally different - experimenting with techniques I already know. Whether this is crocheting, braiding, or knotting, there are so many possibilities!

The knotting technique used for this bracelet, for example, is one I mostly used in scoobidou bracelets. When I was looking at the various colours of suede lace I had laying around, I thought they would go perfect with the technique!

Step 1: Materials

- Faux suede lace, three colours
- 4 jump rings
- Clasp/ closure
- Pliers
- Superglue

Step 2: Joining the Laces I

Take the ends of the laces and add a jump ring to them. Fold over the ends towards the laces, locking in the jump ring.

Step 3: Joining the Laces II

Once all your laces are set up and the folded parts are all about the same length, glue them down, making sure not to glue the lace to the jump ring. Wait for the glue to dry before adding a second jump ring to the one already there, followed by adding the first part of the closure.

Step 4: The Knotting Itself

For the first knot, it's a bit trickier to get the pattern to look right, since you're working with double laces here. Make a loop with the first lace, laying it over the second. Take the second lace to make a loop over the third and let this final lace go through the first loop. When tightening the laces, be sure the laces aren't twisted.

Step 5: More Knotting

For the next knot, the steps are pretty much the same! It's just a bit simpler to get it to look right because you're not working with two layers anymore.

Step 6: And Even More Knotting

Keep repeating this step until your bracelet is long enough to move to the second part of the closure.

Step 7: Ending the Bracelet

Take another jump ring and add it to the three laces. Fold the laces back over the jump ring to lock it and put the ends underneath the next lace. Pull the ends as tight as possible. Add the final jump ring and the closure.

Step 8: Cutting and Glueing

Of course, right now the laces aren't really secured yet. Start by adding a bit of glue to the parts where it overlaps with the other laces. Once this is completely dry, tighten them once more, cut off the ends as close to the bracelet as possible and put glue over the end. Because the lace takes in the glue, it forms a really strong connection that won't simply come unstuck again.

Step 9: Final Result

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5 years ago

How long should the laces be for an average adult size bracelet?


Reply 5 years ago

Just a bit over a meter per lace should be enough! Mine were 1,10 meter and I had a bit left