Introduction: Knowyourweather


for our project in school we had a list where we could chose a project from that we wanted to make or a idea by ourselfs.

i had chosen for a weather station because it looked interesting and maybe a good idea to keep it intact and small as possible to use at our home.

in this instructable you can make a weather station with arduino and a raspberry pi that is connected to a database,

Step 1: What Do You Need

what do we need :

  • bmp 180
  • dht11
  • rain sensor module
  • arduino nano (that i used) or any arduino you like
  • raspberry pi

in the file you can see where i bought it and where you could buy it. the price is an indication and its the price i paid. If you find it cheaper go for it .

Step 2: Wiring

in this picture you see the components and how they are connected to the arduino nano,

make sure you connect the SDA to pin A4 and the SCL to pin A5 from the bmp180 because that are the i2c pins for this model of arduino if you use another model i would suggest to look up on what pins the i2c is on yours .

also the bmp180 needs to be connected to the 3.3 Volt . All the other components can be connected to the 5Volt.

Step 3: Database

this is how my database looks like i have one table where all the data comes in.

as you can see each data have his own column.

the id table you need to have because otherwise it is hard to sort the data when you make the webpage .

Step 4: Code

here you can find the link to the github account where you can donwload the code for the website , arduino and python with flask


Step 5: Webpage

the webpage looks like this.

You can give your own twist to it. because now it is very basic but it works.

if you want to you can add graphs to see how the data was over the last days , i didnt do it because my skills of javascript are not good enough to implement it.