Introduction: Knurled Steel Scriber

I was tired of always losing scribers and decided the kids needed to make their own.

Step 1: Tools Required

Ramset nail

100mm of bright steel 12mm in Dia


6mm Tap

Step 2: Procedure

Cut the 12mm bright steel to 100mm long

Center drill and face both ends

Using a 5mm drill, drill in 30 mm from one end

Using a 6x1mm tap, tap down 25mm - I hold the work in the chuck and start the tap by holding it in the tailstock

Fit the ramset nail

Fit the scriber in the chuck and cut a 6degree taper - I like to fit the nail and leave @1mm clearance

Step 3: Knurling

Hold the scriber by the nail in the chuck and support the other end with a live center

Set up the knurling tool and cut the knurl using the auto feed

Clean up and enjoy

Like a sign I saw


Step 4: