Introduction: Koala Camera Mount

The idea behind this project is to solve the problem of having to carry a heavy and bulky tripod or support for your camera every time you go outside. To do so, the device proposes to use any vertical element you might find (such as trees, light poles, pillars, etc) as a height provider.

Once you choose one, you only have to attach the mount to it with the adjustable arms, leg and strap. It provides a flexible, lightweight and compact solution for an everyday or special occasion use.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

This project was done using:

1- Rhinoceros modeling Software

2- ABS filament on a Makerbot 3D printer

3- Strap – variable length –

4- Sugru – 1 small sachet –

5- Standard mount screw 1/4-20 UNC – in this case from an old broken tripod –

6- Cyanoacrylate glue

7- Knife

Step 2: How It Works

Moving parts:

The device is made up of 6 3d printed assembling and moving parts. The printing process takes up to 6 hours on a replicator 2x printer. Once assembled, every piece turns around the same axis, letting the user adjust the angle of the central leg and camera mount. It also has a strap to adapt itself to a wider variety of vertical supports.

Camera Mount:

The camera mount uses a standard camera screw (available online). In this case, the one used was taken from an old broken tripod.

Step 3: Settings and Printing

The device was printed using a Makerbot Replicator 2X on Standard settings and 20% fill. Since most parts are thin, a higher than 20 fill percentage is not needed, pay attention though to wall thickness since you might need to fix printing imperfections.

The complete printing process takes around 6 hours.

Step 4: Taking Out the Parts and Cleaning

Once you take the pieces out, take off the rafts and supports with a knife. Be extra careful when removing the rafts from the gearwheels, otherwise the rotating mechanism won't work.

Fix printing imperfections with the knife if necessary.

Step 5: Assemble the Mount

Using the top pieces, assemble the mount inserting the round pieces and screw on the square piece. Be careful with inserting the round pieces in the correct direction, otherwise it will not fit. It has an specific order.

Step 6: Apply the Sugru

Apply the sugru on the middle piece as shown on the image. This will improve grip when using the device on smooth surfaces. To further improve grip, you can engrave the surface as shown in the image.

Step 7: Assemble Everything Together

Assemble every piece together using a 8mm Screw in the correct direction and order.

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