Koi Pond

Introduction: Koi Pond

Here is a koi pond made up from reused material, mainly composed of a plastic pool, wood pallets and a plastic container.

Step 1: DIY Koi Pond

Step 1: Unmount and select wood pallets in good condition.
Step 2: Remove all nails, make necessary marking for desired wood length and cut off waste pieces.
Step 3: Using a circular saw, the surface of the rough wooden pallet is smoothen.
Step 4: Mount all piece together ( Clue, nails, Screws)
Step 5: Using a sander, the surface is polished.
Step 6: Apply wood sealer and varnish

The canister filter is also a home made one.


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    That looks great. Do you have any more pictures of the creation process?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you, unfortunately I don't have more pictures, but i only have pictures of the filter I designed!