Introduction: Komorebi Tree Lamp

This beautiful lamp is simple and easy to make! Just follow our step by step instructions to make one of your very own.

Step 1: Materials

Old working lamp that you do not mind cutting, green lamp shade, brown fabric, wire, soldering iron, and solder.

Step 2:

Separate metal of the lamp shade from all remaining materials. (Fabric, glue, etc)

Step 3:

Find seam of the fabric on the lamp shade and cut along it

Step 4:

Cut a ring into the fabric, with a box cutter, at top and bottom of lamp shade, take precaution if you ring glue. *Do not rush this step.

Step 5:

Connect the base and top piece with the metal coat hanger, it does not have to be symatrical.

Step 6:

Make a dome on the top but leave plenty of room for the bulb to be removed. We recommend a triangular shape.

Step 7:

Using stiff wire, make rib shapes on the side.

Step 8:

Using flexible wire wrap the lamp support sides in a zig-zag design.

Step 9:

Repeat what you did to the side but on the top of the dome.

Step 10:

Spray paint the bottom pieces brown.

Step 11:

Add cardboard to the the top to cover the place where the lightbulb will sit.

Step 12:

Add a cardboard paper towel roll to the base of the lamp. This will be the trunk. Spray paint this.

Step 13:

After paint dries, cut the left over fabric into small pieces and glue it onto the metal frame in any pattern you like.

Step 14:

Once your glue is complete, you have your tree!
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