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Hi Everyone,
My slideshow only gives a 'FLAVOR' as to what 'Our Mission' at Kozy Kaps 4 Kids, is about. I have developed a Not-for-Profit organization that knits & crochets Chemo Kaps for children suffering the horrific disease, cancer. "My Mission in My Golden Years" has been a "HUGE" success. All of my 'Angels' have shared, reached & touched the hearts of oh so many children. To date, we have personally 'gifted' over '2000' KOZY KAPS in a mere 2 years time. Yes, PERSONALLY! Another unique piece to my "Mission" is that each & every child gets to pick their very own "Crown" of choice, bringing dignity & fashion into their lives. I've traveled to as far as Memphis Tennessee to visit, St. Judes Hospital, Le Bonheur Children's Hospital as well as Ronald McDonald Houses from Philadelphia, New York & Memphis as well. I have used / donated / shared / recommended /Lion brand yarns to help make KOZY KAPS that much more.........'Outstanding!. I also 'Gift' the 'special' children at Philadelphia's Variety Club's Christmas Festivals. We are always in need of not only monetary donations, but craters adding to our strength can only help put oh so many more smiles on Oh Soo many 'Wonderful' children's' faces! Only you can make the difference & help spread the joy! Take good care. Very Fondly. Marlene B. Maxion Please contact me at: Marlene@just4-you.org.

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    do you need donations of fun hand knitted hats? The ones on the children are very very special for sure!