Introduction: Recycling a Bottle Into a Lamp

I managed to knock over and smash my ceramic bedside lamp, but instead of buying a new one I figured since I already had all the pieces I may as well make a new one. The first step you’re going to want to take is to find a bottle of Kraken rum (or any other bottle) and then finish the contents.

Tools Required:

Smashed Lamped
Lamp plug, cable, switch and bulb fitting
Pliers (or a crimp tool if you have it)
Electrical Tape
Crimp Joints
Stanley Knife
Wire Stripped
Wire Cutters
Tile/Glass drill bit (10mm dia)

Safety Glasses
Gloves or a thick towel

Step 1: Making the Hole

After recovering from emptying the contents of your chosen bottle you'll want to take your drill and fix the glass drill bit into it securely. Next find a good place on the bottle, preferably at the back, to drill your hole. Do not drill right at the base of the bottle as this will increase the chances of the glass cracking. We'll use this hole to run the cable through the bottle. Glass cutting can be dangerous so make sure to wear safety goggles and take care to protect your hands incase the bottle shatters. The best way to avoid the bottle shattering is to take your time when drilling the glass. It took about 5 minutes for me to drill the hole in this bottle. Glass bits wear aware the material to create the hole. This generates a lot of heat so if possible run water over the drill bit as it cuts. If not take breaks while drilling to allow the glass to cool. 

Step 2: Securing the Wiring

The next step will be getting the wires in place. From your existing wire assembly cut the fitting off the top leaving around 50 mm of wire on the lamp fitting. Strip the outer coating back, I used a stanley knife for that, and then use a pair of wire strippers to strip the wires back to the copper. Next slide the long length of wire through the hole we just made and out the top. Make life easier on yourself by securing the wire in place using electrical tape. Next take your crimp connectors and place one on the end of one of the wires. Slide it about halfway through the connector and use the pliers (or crimp tool) to squash the metal down securing the wire in place. Repeat this with the other wire. Once these wires or secured repeat the process with the wires from the lamp holder, ensuring to match the colors up. Lastly cover the connection with electrical tape for added security and safety.

Step 3: Securing the Lamp Head

To fix the lamp head in place I used Milliput. Milliput is a two part compound similar in texture to clay. You simply mix the two compounds together in equal portions and mix them thoroughly, once mixed, you can sculpt and shape it into whatever you like and when it dries its rock solid. I chose to use milliput as I had concerns over the heat of the bulb melting glue. I also used a small blob of milliput to fill the hole we drilled earlier to secure the cable and to prevent the glass edge of the hole wearing through the cable.

Step 4: Plug Her In!

With all the previous steps finished you can stick on your lampshade, fit your bulb, plug her in and bask in the light of your newly crafted lamp.