Introduction: Kraken!!!

For this diorama you will need:

1- glass bottle, the size you want.

2- Balso wood.

3- Pieces of paper.

4- Glue and water.

5- UTP cable.

6- Toothpicks.

7- a piece of cloth.

8- painting.

9- Plasticine.


Precision tweezers.

Paddle screwdriver.

A spoke

Patience :)

Step 1: Carving

First with the balsa wood, we will make the boat, we will cut a 5 cm piece and we will cut it, in which we will draw the silhouette of the boat and with a scalpel, or a knife; we will begin to remove the excess wood. This will take some time, but it is gratifying to see it take shape.

After carving the boat, we will use the toothpicks to make the masts and the jibboom, as seen in the image of the boat, then with a piece of cloth we will make the sails, and we will glue them to the mast. now we can paint the boat and give it all the details we want.

Step 2: Craken

To make the kraken, we will use pieces of newspaper, and glue with water, we mix the glue and water in equal parts. The kraken is like an octopus, because of the space inside the bottle and to preserve the dimensions, we will only make half the head of the kraken and three tentacles.

For the head of the kreken we will make a ball with the pieces of paper and wet it in the glue, then we will mold it until we get the desired shape, we will do the same with the tentacles, but inside the tentacles, we will place pieces of 5 and 6 cmm of UTP cable, the tentacle should not cover the entire UTP cable, as seen in the image, then we paint everything.

Step 3: Preparing the Bottle

With a clean cloth, we clean the inside of the bottle, and then stick the blue and green plasticine on one side of the bottle to make the sea; This will take a long time, use a spade screwdriver to spread it well. As shown in the picture.

With the bicycle spoke, we will paint the sea foam with white inside the bottle and we will also paint some touches with blue.

Step 4: Patience and Precision

This is the best part. We will begin to assemble the whole scene inside the bottle, you will need a lot of patience and precision, but do not worry you can.

First we will cut the ship in half. then with the tweezers we will place the head of the kraken at the bottom, then the stern of the inclined ship, as seen in the image. In the stribor the first tentacle, which will break the ship into two parts,the pieces of UTP cable that protrude from the tentacles, will serve to bury them in the plasticine, now the main mast, another tentacle breaking the second mast and the last one holding the bow. We will do this as seen in the order of the images.

Step 5: Give the Finishing Touch

We will finish painting with the spoke and we will place a cork in the bottle. For the base of the bottle I made a tentacle to support it.

Step 6: Base

For the base we will use a piece of wood, on it we will draw a tentacle, as seen in the template, and then we will join it as seen in the images. With the flat form, we will make the sucks of the tentacle, so that it has a more realistic appearance.

Step 7: It´s Alive

We paint the base of the color we want, as you can see the base was designed to support the weight of the bottle in balance, so it does not need to stick to the ground to remain stable, now contemplate the power of the kraken in a bottle

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