Introduction: Krazy Kilts

The vision of Krazy Kilts is to make kilts, both traditional and modern, along with other Scottish inspired clothing and accessories. As you can see in our video we make a wide range of kilts from tie dye and steampunk to traditional kilts for infants. Krazy KIlts is currently a startup company being run by my wife and I and we hope to carry forward with our creative dream. My wife has a BA in theater arts specializing in costuming and makeup. She has been making clothing/costumes for over ten years. We are working to put this experience to use. We also will be relying on others such as our friend Tom who does amazing tie dye and wants to help us out by doing specific patterns that would be unique to our kilts.

Currently KrazyKilts is a startup etsy shop, We plan to expand this into an independent website based business. The money from this contest will be used to further along our web based business. Here is a breakdown of how we would use the $25,000.

$12,500 will go into materials. I know that half may seem like a lot to reserve for materials but our biggest expense is the fabric and other materials. These materials include the fabric as well as dye’s, brass accessories, zippers, leather, etc.

$2,500 will be used to for setting up and maintaining the website. Since we are currently only an etsy shop we need to start a website from the ground level. Starting with buying the domain and then hiring a designer to build and maintain it. This website will be the main source of sales and distribution.

$3,000 will be reserved for office expenses, such as printer ink, business cards, etc.

$4,000 will be used for equipment maintenance and repair, for example fixing our serger so we can work with a wider variety of materials. As well as a better digital camera, so that we can have better representation of our products online.

$2,000 will be devoted to marketing both on and off line.

$1,000 will be used for setting up our company as an actual licensed business. We realize that this cost will vary according to state and local ordinances but this amount should cover it.

Thank you for being part of our krazy dream.

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