Introduction: Kumiko Lamp

Tools and supplies:

Chisels Table saw

Bass wood Wood Glue

Cherry wood Sand paper

Walnut wood

band saw

Step 1: Frame

first step would be that you would have to make your panels we used bass wood to make the kumiko panels the dimensions for them are 43/4"x 41/2"x 3/8"inches.You can make notches to put more arms inside if the panel to help make your design inside the panel better. We used a table saw to make the strips and notches so the strips would all interlock and fit together.

Step 2: Design

once you have the panels made and have it all put together you can use jigs with different degrees of angle to make a pattern or shape in the kumiko panel to make your kumiko panel look better. the degree of jigs i used were 45, 67.5, and 22.5 degrees to make my design inside the panel.

Step 3: Lamp Frame

once you have your panels for the lamp done you will have to make the frame this link will give you instructions on how to make your kumiko lamp frame and for the frame we used a table saw, band saw, and chisels.