Introduction: Kumiko Lantern

Hey Guys! I made a kumiko lantern for my project in shop class.

The Materials you need is

  • BassWood
  • Any type of wood for frame (i used walnut wood)
  • Paper


Chisel $66.80


Table Saw


Step 1: Make the Kumiko

The Kumiko is made out of basswood, the panels are 4 and a half.

Cut the access out

Step 2: The Legs and Stretchers

For the legs i cut it with the bandsaw and chiseled it with a mallet. Same as with the stretchers in the pictures above. You can do this with a table saw also.

The Legs are by 3/4 x 3/4 x 7 1/4. The cross Lap is 1/2 and you have to measure it with a ruler to mark it and cut it with the bandsaw.

If you don't understand the plans, here is a link that i used to make the lantern

Please support them.

Step 3: Hot Glue the Kumiko With Paper

I just got a sheet of printed paper and cover one side and hot glued it for decoration.

use a real sheets for candles if you do put a candle in it.

Step 4: Put It Together!

When your finished, everything should be tightly fit. If not, just sand the stretchers and then you have your kumiko finished!