Kung Flew Panda Kite




Introduction: Kung Flew Panda Kite

I had a store bought Kite I was going to Mod.
I could never get it to fly.
So I made this Sled Kite.
Just need some wind now.

Step 1: The Bits

I looked around for a good kite material, and settled on these cheep
plastic sheet, party table covers.
They are 4 ft x 4 ft.
The garden canes are 2ft.
The anchor points are duct tape.

Step 2: The Build

The Sheet is 4ft wide so measure in 1 ft from each side.
Attach the canes with a tab of duct tape, top and bottom.

Step 3: Join and Cut

I joined 2 canes together with heavy copper wire to give me the length i needed.
I folded the edges together and trimmed the sides, adding bridle anchor points.

Step 4: The Bridle

I used fine but strong nylon twine across the anchor points.
The Panda face was drawn on with a marker pen.
Now all I need is some wind for out door shots.
The next kite up will be a delta wing.

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    Kite builder
    Kite builder

    8 years ago on Introduction

    It looks like the upper side edges of the rectangle shapet kite hafe got the same length like the lower ones.

    But at this kite-typ, called sled kite, the upper edges must be shorter than the lower ones.

    Cut the upper part of the kite in shape like this (you also must cut the sticks at the new corners and tape them in place again):