Introduction: Kyrie Irving

Once upon a time, there was a basketball guy named Kyrie Irving. He was handsome and smart. He was black and had a strong talent for sports. One day, he met a girl named hy who made him interested. At that moment, his heart beating feeling touched his idea of chasing the girl. The girl liked cool boy, so Irving tried to practice skateboarding. He also made a skateboard and printed Kyrie Irving and Hy on it, finally one day he took his skateboard to hy and told her...

Step 1: Build a Panel First

The main body of the skateboard is composed of a cuboid and

a circular roof, and a large cuboid is used as the skateboard body as shown in the figure.

Make two sides of sliding plate with
rectangular and circular roof,Make it 45 long and 40 wide

And then rotate it up 10 degrees

The skateboard surface is composed of
various numbers and English,including two eleven BOY Kyrie Irving and RAP

And Scribble the star dome,Scribble Length and width are 9, star length and width are 9, and
dome roof length and width are 14.14.

The bottom is composed of the following figure

Composed of cylinder,Diameter 3.5, height 34

3.5, height: 3.36


Cuboid,Length 18,
width 14


Soft box,5 for length and 5 for width