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Get into the Valentine mood and make this lovely project for your room, living room or even your office. This is a fun thing to make and looks nice too.
Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: What You Need

• marker
• 30cm ruler
• cardboard
• self adhesive hearts
• computer
• printer
• dark and light red crepe paper
• glue
• PVA glue with water
• Scissors/ small knife (whichever you prefer)
• A5 pink paper

Step 2:

First get your marker, ruler and cardboard. Then draw two L shapes.
length: 21,5cm
horizontal bottom line: 14cm
width: 4cm

Step 3:

Now cut out 1x
21,5cm strip out of the cardboard
Then cut out a
16,4cm strip
Then a 14cm one
Now you need to cut out 2x
4 cm2 squares.
Now cut out 1x 9cm strip
You should now have all of the things above

Step 4: Sticking Together

OK so now get all of you cardboard pieces and stick them together.
Tip: I recommend that you put glue on both sides so it holds better.
In the end it should look something like the pictures above. (Probably better than mine)

Step 5: Covering and Decorating

This is a bit like paper maché
So get your crepe paper and tear it up into all different sized pieces, then get your PVA glue and water and coat the crepe paper in the paste.
Then start sticking on the paper.
Cover the whole thing in the paste and paper and wait for it to dry.

Step 6: Computer

Go into Microsoft word, then pick out the "150" Rockwell font. Now put your A5 pink page into the printer. Then write the letters: ove.
Then go into print.

Step 7: Printing

Now press the word print. Now get your self adhesive hearts and stick them around the edges. Once that's done get a picture frame "A5" and put it in it.
Now put your L beside it and your done.
Hope you enjoyed.

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