Introduction: LAZY MAZE

The project that i made is a puzzle and made out of cardboard i am planning to use this as my end of my class project but not sure if i can do that though. I thought of this idea because it could be used everyday and something fun to play with when u are bored. Now i will tell you how i made it and maybe you can use one for your family or for a present.

So basically you are going to get a bunch of cardboard, ruler, hot glue, scissors, pen or pencil. Now you are are going to cut out a 12 by 11 inches of cardboard that will be your base. You are going to want two of them one for the top and one for the bottom.

And now for the sides you are going to want four 2 by 11 inches now that u got those glue them on the sides for a wall then add then other 12 by 11 on the top and you should get a box. Now you are going to want to cut out small pieces and make a maze on top of the board to whatever you want but make sure u want enough room for a marble and a hole that the marble can drop through it. Make a start and a finish so people know what to do.