Introduction: LCD Display for Inclinometer

When the STS-112 inclinometer was brought to us, we did not immediately figure out which side to approach. At first, we simply received the Tx cable from him via Hyper Terminal, and after that the idea arose to make an LCD display.

Step 1: Circuit

We use a 16x2 LCD screen as the display, and as the Atmega 64A microcontroller, we can use another one, most importantly, to have enough memory.

To lower the signal from the Tx line of the RS-232 level (12 V) to the TTL level (5 V), we use a level converter on one transistor. The general scheme of the device.

Step 2: Case

We wanted to use the standard purchase case for the device, but one of our employees came up with the idea to print it on a 3D printer, and here is what came of it.

Step 3: Assembly Process

Step 4: Files to Download

Files for downloading from GitHub (contain: firmware for the microcontroller, model of the case for a 3D printer, documentation):