Introduction: LCD Invaders

I have made a small simple game using the Arduino using a 16x2 LCD Display.

This game features a small spaceship that must shoot enemies that appear from the right hand side of the display. The bullets are fired along the rows of the display and when they reach the enemy they explode and the player gains a point.

Sound is played through the Piezoelectric Speaker.

The player has 3 Lives and when they have lost them all, their score is reset.

To make this project, build the circuit as shown above and input the code I have shared into the Arduino.

the game isn't entirely perfect and occasionally the display has the tendency to display odd characters. To fix this you can usually just reset the Arduino. I have so far not found a solution for this.

I have tried to make the code as easy to read as possible with plenty of comments to explain the function of each part.

The instructions on pin connections are at the top of the code, and detailed in the cover image.

Just thought I would share this as I though it was pretty cool, and let me know what you think!