Introduction: LCD User Interface

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The LCD User Interface is, as you can expect, an interface made for 16*2 LCDs.

You'll be able to show time, hardware informations, messages...

But you'll be also able to create your own drawing and animations, to save them and load them.

Needed :

- Arduino

- 16*2 LCD

- 10K potentiometer

Step 1: Wire Your LCD to Your Arduino

Follow the wiring :

- VSS to ground,

- VDD to +5V,

- V0 to 10K potentiometer,

- RS to pin 12,

- RW to ground,

- E to pin 11,

-D4, D5, D6, D7 to pin 5, 4, 3, 2,

- A to +5V (with a 220ohm resistor),

- K to ground.

Step 2: Upload the Code to Your Arduino

Upload the ".ino" code to your arduino

Step 3: Open the User Interface

Open the user interface, and display what you want by choosing your arduino port ! :)

Step 4: Additional Notes

You can download the "Additional notes" and enjoy !

You can also donate if you want :

Source code :