Introduction: LCD Weather Monitor

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We are always fascinated with a display that shows some information like weather, status or anything which is to be monitored. So today I will use this TFT LCD display along with arduino for displaying weather and brightness. You can print anything on the display. As an example I have chosen weather info.So let build it.

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Arduino UNO

2. DHT 11 or 22 1pc.

3. 10Kohm resistor 2 pc

4. TFT LCD (I'm using here LCD from mcufriend. You can buy from Adafruit, it will be more easier.)

5. 1 LDR(standard size)

6. Lots of jumpers

Step 2: Working and Other Info

I have made one instructable about the basics of this TFT LCD. Check here

See the basics there.So I'm directly going into the main part.

A good observation and documentations can reveal that the pins 10-13 are used only for SD card works. Otherwise are empty. So you can attach any sensor motor driver anything here. And A5 pin is also empty.The only thing is that you now cannot plug the display onto the UNO. You now need lots of jumper for connecting the functioning pins.See the pic attached

Here I have attached DHT22 at pin10 and the LDR output pin at A5. The connections for the LCD are made by jumpers.Also see the DHT and LDR connections given here.Place DHT and LDR on breadboard and connect the TFT with jumpers.

Step 3: Upload Code

The code is attached here. Upload it.You have to change the library if you are using different LCD board.But the drawing parts are the same.

Step 4: Finally..

Finally your stuff is ready. You can place the Breadboard and wires in a small box,keeping the LCD screen open. You can attach BMP280 or any other sensor as you like. Only thing is to include library and printing out the values.Place the thing in a living room so that everyone can see it.