LDR + LinkitONE

Introduction: LDR + LinkitONE

Here I will make a LDR and LinkitONE setup and give out readings.

PS: This is my first instructable! I am very thankful to my teacher to lend his board to me :)

Step 1: Parts

You will need a LinkitONE and a LDR for this simple project.

Step 2: Connect LDR

Connect your LDR. Connect it into A0 pin and ground pin one.

Step 3: Connect USB

Now connect your USB cable with laptop and board.

Step 4: Burn the Code

Write the following code in your arduino IDE.

void setup()


pinMode(A0, INPUT);



void loop()





Step 5: Open Serial Monitor

Now open he serial monitor and then see all the readings!

I am getting my reading as 164. Check and share yours.

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    Great first Instructable. I hope you will publish more in the future.