LDR Outdoor LED Light Controller Under 450INR

Introduction: LDR Outdoor LED Light Controller Under 450INR

Its Light dependent outdoor Light activation with integrated OFF timer running on 8 pin AVR tiny13.

It uses the cheap internal unregulated SMPS DC power source. in my case with no load the DC source was going high up to 44V~50V and with LED ON its around 28V~32V. and 5.1V reference is generated using D2(1/4W) and R3(1W) network.

Step 1: PCB Assembly

its very simple assembly, I have assembled on a general purpose board with some jumper wires.

Step 2: Flashing the Firmware to ATTiny13a

Download the firmware HEX file from https://github.com/123swk123/Outdoor_Light_Controller

and set the fuses as per the fuse image shown

Step 3: Inside the LED Assembly Housing

make sure LED does not picks up its own LED ON/OFF luminescence change I have used heat shrinking tube to minimize that also in the firmware has logic to ignore the self feedback of luminescence change.

Step 4: PS: Additional Trick

As a Timer:

removing the LDR will just convert this system to behave as a normal digital off timer(2hrs ~ 12hrs).

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Planning to add PIR sensor which will help the system to detect motion and during late hours (after the off timer is activated) it can turn on the light for few secs to support late night activity where we dont have to keep the light on for all night.


    4 years ago

    Nicely done!