Introduction: LDR SENSOR

An LDR is a component that has (variable) light intensity resistance that changes. This helps them to be used in circuits for light sensing. For circuits where there is need to sense presence or light intensity, the light sensitive resistors, LDRs and photoresistors are sometimes used. A number of names may identify them from light-dependent resistor, LDR, photoresistor, or even photocell, photocell, or photoconductor.


1 Arduino Uno

1 Green LED

1 Red LED

1 Yellow LED 4.7 kΩ

3 Resistor 220Ω/4.7kΩ


1 Photoresistor

Step 1: Placing Your Components Together

In this step you look off into the sidebar place where all the components are stored you straight looking through there for your 3 LED, Resistors, The Piezo, and most importantly your photo resistor. I suggest doing this before starting to wire your breadboard and you are aware of the placement and you have an idea on where your gonna wire your components too

Step 2: Wiring

As shown in the picture is the wiring portion, everything is straight forward on where to connects your pins too as tell will work through the code that is going to be provided. I recommend take as much space as you want so you have a better understand to where things are connected, especially when it must line up with your code

Step 3: Code

This is the last major part of putting everything together. It's pretty straight forward as well since the code is already done and working. All the variables for the pins are also explained on there to show how it works and also how the is a important line disturbing the connection of the sensor with the breadboard

Step 4: HAVE FUN

Now that you have completed the circuit you are free to move around the photoresistor left to right and see the effect on it and also have your Serial monitor opened to check the differential between the numbers and the resistance